Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chicken Coops : Homes For Poultry

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email: for questions or to order!

House style coop: call / $350.00
Barn Style coop: call / $350.00

Additional costs:
asphalt shingle roof and paint: 150.00
shake shingle and paint: 250.00
24" base and wire (run): 250.00
dormers (2): 75.00


Dc Chicken Coops
Contact: Dave Shippers 530 243 6240
Redding, CA
Usually available in 1-3 days
Pick up or

Delivery available: rates vary by locale

visit youtube for more pictures and info:


rondo said...

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laurilou said...

question: i only see one guy working. where's the older gentleman?

nice lookin guys.... i mean coops!

also, i would love to see a painted version! :)

James said...

What a great looking coop! Are they easy to clean? Do you have B's living in any?

Alec said...

Very nice. I plan to introduce chickens this year. You might appreciate my blog about my journey to producing my own food at my home in downtown Chico.

Florence said...

Beautiful chicken coop! Reasonably priced and excellent service. I received a speedy reply to my inquiry and had my coop within a day. My girls are in heaven! Thanks, Dave!

Rebecca said...

Excellent coops. I wish we didn't already have ours; I'd love to see one of these in my backyard.

xxx said...

I have a birthday this week and I know what I what! So cute!!!!

Jill said...

Love our coop! We put inexpensive stick-on vinyl tiles on the floor of the coop, which makes scooping it out much easier. We also covered the ventilation holes with chicken wire for safety. We have 9 chickens, who fit quite comfortably, with a large run on each side which they access through the access hole on the bottom of the coop into the wired in run underneath.

Keep said...

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Tifferbob said...

Those are adorable!

bb imna rana said...

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philipkotler11 said...

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Cameron Howard said...

Your chicken coops are awesome! This made me wants to raise chickens. After a stressful day on the job you can come home and instantly feel relaxed when you are greeted by your fine feathered friends!

DC Chicken Coops said...

Thanks Cameron.I enjoy building these and love to hear satisfied customers..

DC Chicken Coops said...

Thanks Cameron.I enjoy building these and love to hear satisfied customers..

chopchop said...

These look like great coops! How many chickens can comfortably live in these coops?